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Artificial Intelligence has come to dominate discussions around new technology deployment. Three of Gartner’s top ten strategic technology trends for 2020 relate to the term Artificial Intelligence or autonomy. AI  technologies may revolutionise businesses as diverse as hospitality and financial services; a PwC report indicates that AI could contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. Alongside this potential, there is substantial intent – 20% of US executives were preparing to deploy AI enterprise-wide in 2019. 

Although AI technologies are already widely used within Financial Services, for robotic process automation, intelligent process automation (RPA & IPA) and others, there is a race to implement them safely and within existing guidelines. Machine-learning is used to make decisions about credit and lending. AI risk management and fraud prevention is also in operation. While 65% of senior financial services managers believe that there will be positive changes from AI, there are also widespread concerns.  

Are AI systems secure? Is it possible to create transparent and explainable AI systems? How do we make sure that AI systems are ethical? Can we build AIs that enable us to understand the decisions they make? These issues should concern us all.  

While advanced AI systems can now do things that previously required humans – and can even outperform human abilities – the principles or information they use to make decisions are often obscured from view. Imperial’s academics have spent many years researching AI and arriving at answers to some of the most complex questions related to its deployment. Beating the ‘black box’ is a prime concern. 

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