Reimagining the Customer Experience: Developing customer support systems

FMCG companies have the potential to support individuals in their personal goals by reimagining their brand touchpoints, growing customer confidence, and building a stronger relationship with the brand.

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Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, there has been significant disruption to customer experiences both in and out of the home.

New habits cemented themselves in society, from online teaching to virtual board meetings at work, disrupting many pre-conceived notions notions that such activities couldn’t or shouldn’t be considered).

 Such activities have led to the emergence of a new paradigm of customer experience and customer expectations.

 According to Professor Rajesh Bhargave, at Imperial College London Business School, during times of disruption, we will start seeing the “unlocking of consumer experimentation”, meaning that it is time to test and innovate in new business models that help customers in their everyday life. The experimentation phase often results in new habits. What might be new habits that your users want to cement?

In a recent study by McKinsey, during this pandemic, ”77 percent of consumers said they appreciate FMCG [fast-moving consumer goods] companies communicating how their brands can be helpful in daily life”. Organisations that truly consider customer needs, potential demands, and develop solutions to their everyday challenges have the opportunity to increase their impact. These companies can support customers in many ways, whether it is in the comfort of their own home or through a brick-and-mortar operation.

 We have listed four potential areas where your organisation could guide customers in this “new normal”.

  • Promoters of good mental health
  • Safety in the bricks-and-mortar experience
  • Augmenting the experience
  • Tailored and supportive healthcare

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