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Building immersive collaborations

An English-language slide deck on partnering opportunities for businesses in Japan, produced for the visit by Imperial in March 2023.

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Sustainable Development Goals

The solutions Imperial is helping develop to address poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice.

Video seminar

Imperial.Tech.Pitch: Affordable technologies for an ageing society

Hear from Imperial researchers about their technological solutions to support healthy ageing.

This event recording showcases research and technology such as biomechanics, cancer and vascular imaging, wireless neural transmitters, wound healing, and personalised medicine.

Catch up with this event chaired by Imperial's Dr Jonathan Jeffers, and produced by Imperial Enterprise.

Imperial technologies


Treatment of Tissue Fibrosis (10805, 11289)

Itaconate is encoded by the gene ACOD1 and plays a critical role in limiting fibrosis by inhibiting the enzyme succinate dehydrogenase. Patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis have decreased expression of ACOD1 and reduced levels of itaconate in the airways. This invention provides compounds, itaconate and itaconate analogues that inhibit succinate dehydrogenase to treat or prevent fibrosis.

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First-in-class drug candidate for treatment of multiple myeloma and Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma (4780)

DTP3 is a first-in-class GADD45β/MKK7 inhibitor targeting the NF-κB pathway

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Active delivery of Zinc Fingers for in vivo enhancement of gene regulation (10430)

New zinc finger peptides and encoding nucleic acid molecules that can be used for the modulation of gene expression in vitro and/or in vivo

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Human monoclonal antibodies to COVID-19 (10612)

A suite of broad neutralising monoclonal antibodies (bnMABs) isolated to be used for treatment of coronaviruses with a focus on SARS-CoV-2 (2019-nCoV). Four potential human monoclonal antibodies have been identified with broad neutralising activitiesin coronavirus(SARS and MERS).

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Novel treatment for Huntington’s Disease using zinc finger gene therapy (7529)

Novel zinc finger proteins, delivered to the brain through the use of AAV viral vectors, have been designed to efficiently and selectively repress the mutant huntingtin gene.

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Use of Capsaicin/TRPV1 agonists for prevention of diabetic foot ulcers (10741)

Repeated topical administration of a capsaicinoid or TRPV1 agonist to one or more areas of the skin, for the prevention of diabetic foot ulcers. Use of a capsaicinoid or TRPV1 agonist to induce or enhance the regeneration of small sensory nerve fibres in patients with both painful and non-painful DPN.

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Methods to scale production of hPSC-derived endothelial cells (10560)

A new 3D-culture methodology using stirred-tank bioreactors as a scalable platform for the production of hPSC-derived endothelial cells.

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Two distinct late stage preclinical lead series of highly specific inhibitors of MAP4K4 (8377, 8717)

A late-stage, pre-clinically validated inhibitor of MAP4K4 for a range of indications including anthracycline cardiotoxicity

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SIMPLE: Single Incision Micro Ports Laparoscopic Endosurgery (8732)

SIMPLE: a virtually scarless, cost-effective and adaptable surgical robotic system offering high force-sensitivity and instrument dexterity for human-controlled or autonomous surgical tasks. The aim of SIMPLE is to bring back the benefits and sensation of “open surgery” to the domain of ultra-minimally invasive surgery

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EndoDrone - Endoscopic scanning probe device for rapid screening of dysplasia of hollow organs (7227)

Device is an external attachable accessory to standard flexible endoscopes. Allows tissues scanning and generation of 360 degree surface maps of tubular lumens (i.e. oesophagus and colon).

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Surgical polarimetric endoscopy (SPE) (7005)

Polarisation imaging has the potential to provide enhanced contrast based on variations in the optical properties, such as scattering or birefringence, of the tissue of interest. Examining the signal at different wavebands in the visible spectrum also allows interrogation of different depths and structures. A stereo endoscope has been adapted to allow
snapshot acquisition of orthogonal linear polarisation images to generate difference of linear polarisation images. These images are acquired in three narrow bands using a triple-bandpass filter and pair of colour cameras. The first in vivo results, acquired during a surgical procedure on a porcine subject, are presented that show wavelength dependent variations in vessel visibility and an increase in contrast under polarised detection.

DEP Trapping Using Metalised Nanopipettes (7353)

This invention enables efficient single-molecule nanopore sensing at femtomolar concentrations using dielectrophoretic trapping by combining nanopore sensing and dielectrophoresis.

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Aptamer-based multiplex screening platform (8194)

A fully flexible, scalable and low-cost detection platform to sense multiple protein targets simultaneously by grafting specific sequences along the backbone of a double-stranded DNA carrier.

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Mid-infrared pulse laser for biological applications (11333)

A system designed for generating ultrafast mid-infrared laser pulses at the wavelength at which water molecules absorb light resonantly. Robust system architecture producing high quality laser beam output at 2.94 µm. Suitable for high resolution mass spectrometry imaging that enables single-cell metabolomics.

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Method of use

Bile salt hydrolase (bsh) and valerate as prevention and treatment for clostridi (8687)

Relates to Clostridioides difficile, and in particular to compounds, polypeptides, nucleic acid and mixtures for the treatment of C. difficile infections. Additionally covered are methods for identifying and matching faecal microbiota transplant (FMT) donors to FMT recipients.

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Promoter mapping in the genome: Slic-Cap analysis of gene expression (CAGE) (8700)

Method of CAGE, SLIC-CAGE or "Super-Low Input Carrier- CAGE" allows for unbiased genome-wide promoterome analysis and generates complex, high-quality libraries requiring 1000-fold less material than existing CAGE. The patent covers a degradable nucleic acid carrier that contains sequences recognised by endonucleases, with a minimum length of 15 nucleotides.

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Medtech device

Dual-View Oblique Plane Microscopyi (10436)

A novel arrangement of oblique plane microscopy enables the benefits of dual-view single plane illumination microscopy to be obtained.

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Wide clip and applicator for minimally invasive surgery (6687)

A rotative surgical clip and applicator that allows the clamping of large anatomical areas for use in minimally invasive surgery.

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Imperial startups


Biomex is disrupting the wearable health and musculoskeletal technology sectors with its smart wearable technology.

Charco Neurotech

Charco Neurotech developed CUE1, a focused vibrotactile stimulation device for people with Parkinson’s.


Our 1st product Gloria is a 21st century replacement, digitally-enabled and AI supported smart speculum device, designed for self-use in a clinical setting.


Organa has developed synthetic organ models that accurately represent the behaviour of human organs for medical device testing and development.

ROAM Medical

ROAM Medical is a digital platform that connects expats and travelers to high-quality, English-speaking healthcare services abroad.

Smart Surgical Solutions

Mobile Assisted Reconstruction In Orthopaedics (M.A.R.I.O) is a revolutionary smartphone-based real-time surgical navigation system designed to help surgeons position an implant precisely.

Imperial entrepreneurship

Skills based accelerator programme

MedTech SuperConnector - MTSC facilitates exchange between MedTech innovators and industry players and help them succeed in a rapidly changing and competitive landscape. 

Our innovation support ecosystem creates value through world-class entrepreneurship training, access to funding, mentorship and expertise.

Your space to grow

White City Incubator - Connecting facilities, know-how and investment to ideas so that promising innovations thrive.

By removing the infrastructure burden and providing a powerful innovation ecosystem, we help founders to fast-track their ideas and speed their innovations into impactful ventures.

Bringing ideas to life

Imperial Enterprise Lab - a dedicated space and support service for students, staff and alumni who want to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, skills, and networks.

The Enterprise Lab team are here to help talk through ideas, guide through the available programmes and point to the direction of experts who can help.

Read the Enterprise Lab introduction in Japanese

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