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MedTech SuperConnector & London In Vitro Diagnostics

Cancer Innovation Accelerator Programme

Programme duration: Tuesday 23 May - Tuesday 28 June 2023 

Applications now closed

A free commercialisation roadmap supported by global experts  

MedTech SuperConnector and London In Vitro Diagnostics, National Institute for Health and Care Research will be accepting applications for its Cancer Themed Accelerator Programme from Tuesday 23 May until Friday 30 June 2023.
The accelerator programme is a 6-week Intensive learning journey providing participants with entrepreneurship training, masterclasses and access to domain expertise. The accelerator learning content is part-time.

Why should you apply?

Over £80k

of support delivered throughout a 6-week programme

1:1 guidance

from subject matter experts

20+ hours

of live expert-delivered/led digital learning

Progress and growth-driven outcomes

Network building within the innovation landscape

Where can the accelerator take me?

The accelerator programme will provide you with three main outcomes that will fast-track your innovation to market.
  1. Roadmapping – This accelerator will give you the insight, knowledge and a roadmap to guide you through the complex journey of product development through to market. It will help you understand where your time and budget need to be focussed, how to structure a MedTech venture, how you can set appropriate goals and more importantly, how you can achieve them?
  2. Engagement – You can’t make this journey alone. Our programme will introduce you to individuals and networks with the knowledge and keys to open doors that are notoriously difficult to find and open. Expanding your network is a key step to getting to market successfully.
  3. Investment, Growth and Collaboration opportunities – At the end of the accelerator, if you are ready, you will have the opportunity to position your business in front of a network of individuals and institutes who can assist your growth.

MedTech SuperConntector funded by

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Supported by

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How to apply

  • Step 1: Submit a completed and free to apply application (deadline: Saturday 06 May 2023 23:59)

  • Step 2: Interview period - successful candidates will have the opportunity to book an Online 20 Minute interview slot through an online calendar (2-12 May 2023)

  • Step 3: Invitation to join the programme (Monday 15 May 2023) 

  • Step 4: In-person pre-programme Entrepreneurial Bootcamp (23-24 May 2023)

  • Step 5: Start the accelerator programme (Tuesday 30 May 2023)

Bootcamp Venue: Scale space – White City   58 Wood Ln, London W12 7RZ, United Kingdom

Key Date: Note, applicants to this intensive programme should only apply if they are able to attend key dates that are either in person or online– including availability for interviews

MedTech SuperConnector

MedTech SuperConnector helps empower early career researchers to translate academic insights from the arts and sciences into early stage medical technologies. Drawing on the innovation expertise of eight leading institutions, its remit is to support technological innovation, advance entrepreneurship education and find new and effective ways to accelerate MedTech R&D.

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healthcare entrepreneurs

14 spin-outs

and 17 patents filed.

£18 million

in VC and grant funding.

46+ new jobs

from 6 cohorts


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